Authorized distributor of Petronas Lubricants in Ghana



Our cities are expanding. Roads are getting busier. People everywhere are racing forward in this ever-changing world of unexpected twists and turns, obstacles and opportunities. Motorcyclists must be ready to respond instantly – and so must their bikes.

Benefit of Sprinta

Instant Performance

PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology activates instantly – flowing smoothly and consistently to lubricate the engine, surging to the clutch to create grip that prevents slipping and maintains power, and reaching the gears to deliver responsive shifting.

Instant Defense

PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology instantly delivers outstanding deposit and viscosity control to resist stress and heat protecting moving parts against wear to keep maintenance bills down and your bike out on the road, where it belongs.

Instant Care

PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology has a formulation that meets the latest global environmental standards. We’re committed to sustainable mobility, investing in innovative R&T projects to improve air quality for riders all over the world.